Mittwoch, Januar 31, 2007

Um Gottes Willen

An verschiedenen Orten des WWW taucht folgender Text einer liebenden, aber besorgten Mutter auf:
Just recently my son Bobby came out to me. I had been worried for awhile. His teachers said most of his grades were slipping and he seemed depressed and withdrawn.
Bobby said he'd been hiding it for awhile because he was afraid I would reject him. I sat him down and told him that I loved him and that God loved him, but that his salvation was in danger if he did not resist his unnatural tempations. I told him how being gay would mean he would live a shorter life, and that if he couldnt change his orientation he could be celibate like most the ex-gays are. He started crying saying something along the lines of "I knew you wouldnt understand! You're just like everyone else!" before running to his room and slamming the door.

What did I do wrong? I dont want to lose my son, but I fear I already have. I talked it over with his therapist, who had the ludicrous idea that homosexuality was unchangable and that trying to repress could lead to lots of psychological damage (I've dropped him and will try to be finding another therapist with more moral beliefs). I wouldnt be surprised if he's the one who's feeding my son all the homosexual propaganda about how its 'ok' to be gay. That, or how homosexuality has engulfed the media, making it seem 'cool' and 'hip' and how they were just another oppressed minority. You didnt have to worry about seeing two men making out on tv at my age! I dont want to sound like a fanatic, but Im worried what other effects will come out of this increasingly secular, immoral society obsessed with filth.
Am I too late? Or is it possible to save my son?

I am a mother of two and I was raised a Christian. I love Jesus and follow him.

Während die Mutter, "Becky", nur qua Lippenbekenntnis vorgibt, Jesus zu folgen, ist ihr Sohn einen Tacken konsequenter, wie die Mutter kurze Zeit später an anderer Stelle zugeben muß, nachdem dieses Weichei von Sohn den Freitod wählte:
I'm so distraught; I can't stop crying! What did I do wrong? Is my son in Hell now for killing himself??

Ja, Betty, das ist er. Aber du mußt nicht traurig sein, als Homosexueller wäre er ohnehin dort gelandet.

Oder, wie ein gewisser Aineo hierzu meint:
Betty, you did nothing wrong. We live in an evil world where evil men could care less about people. All they care about is their personal agendas. Gay activists have disseminated one horrible lie after another to get liberals and cheap grace Christians on their side without giving any thought to who is really being hurt; the children.

We serve an awesome God of love who understands what we go through. We will never fully understand His perfect love this side of heaven. I don't believe a loving God is going to judge and condemn a child to hell because of what evil men have done to corrupt his own self-image.

Und so ist wieder einmal das Universum gerettet, Dank sei... Gott dem Allmächtigen. Allahu Akbar!

[Gefunden bei talkingincircles, ursprünglich von hier, später zitiert hier und hier.]


  1. Danke Aineo, wenigstens Du denkst an die Kinder.

    Besonderen Dank für die Rettung dieses Tages gilt allerdings Dir, Julius!

  2. ich denke, die frau hat sich schon das eine oder andere vorzuwerfen. wer seinem kind nicht frühzeitig klar macht, welch höllenqualen neben schwulen und lesben auch freitödlerInnen erwarten, braucht sich nicht zu wundern, wenn das missratene blag den vermeintlich bequemen weg in die hölle wählt!

  3. Aineo ist ein echter Held! Im Kampf für das Gute, die Kinder und gegen alles Heidnische fast ebenso engagiert wie ein gewisser Horst Schaschlik, dessen Blog ich zufällig bei einer Google-Recherche fand.